About us

The HR XPERIENCE Group operates
on the European market as a personnel
service provider. We specialize
in the recruitment of international employees
(from Central and Eastern Europe).

Standards in the operational provision
of EU temporary staff are always based
on extensive project experience and process orientation
at all levels of the organisation. We have a unique
advantage compared to our competitors, which we pass
on to our partners and customers as a promise of success.

We are constantly optimising all internal processes to increase the positive customer experience, which is reflected in the positive increase in hired employees and sales. CrefoZert certifies excellent creditworthiness - we are among the strong 1.7%.

hrXP Board

Enrico Kautz


Agnieszka Lizuń


Jakub Gruszecki


"There are two ways to make a career: either you actually do something or you claim to be doing something. I recommend the first method, because the competition here is far less fierce."

Danny Kaye