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Onsite Management

Are you confused when coordinating several personnel service providers?

Let the HR XPERIENCE GROUP provide you with its proven standards in on site support within temporary employment. We coordinate all external employees, including workforce of other personnel service providers.

Tailor-made master vendor management that meets all expectations, starting from the ordering and approval processes to service invoicing, accompanied by comprehensive reporting.

A model that significantly reduces your administrative workload and enables a significant reduction of costs in personnel area.

Our key advantages

  • You concentrate on your core competencies
  • We are your sole point of contact in all matters
  • Smooth communication

  • Customer closeness
  • Cost savings & flexibility






Tasks of the Master Vendor Manager vary with regard to the customer's requirements - starting with ascertainment of demand, through the supervision of the employees on site, to administrative services.

  • Recruitment
  • Coordination
  • Familiarization, training and integration
  • Maintenance of industrial health and safety standards
  • Organization and administration
  • Reporting
  • Process optimization

hrXP time
tracking system

Time tracking system from hrXP brings many advantages. With our time recording software you save a lot of time.

Our time recording services

  • Tracking the coming in and leaving out time
  • Notifications on plausibility errors
  • Correction possibilities

  • Approval and authorization levels

  • Absence management (vacation, sickness, etc.)
  • Working time models (start, end, breaks)
  • Management of compensation payments for overtime, night work or holidays
  • Import and export (Excel, CSV)
  • Data security

hrXP | time?

Server in Germany
BackUps included
Encryption of data and data traffic

Contact person without additional costs
Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Permission hierarchy
Authorization levels
Supervisory bodies
Correction possibilities




Prospective solution
continuous development
based on the feedback of our customers
new functions & optimizations in all areas

Free of charge while managing external employees
terminals, installation, configuration and maintenance costs are borne by hrXP
transponder and active FTE/month costs are borne by the respective HR service provider

close cooperation with the software development team, which allows the system to be customized according to the customer's wishes


The HR XPERIENCE Group offers comprehensive solutions in terms of payroll accounting for different types of contracts.
With "hrXP | time & payroll", you get an integrated solution in which all data is processed effectively and securely, without unnecessary transmission errors and omissions. With our product, you get a complete service from a single source, and the service is also suitable for other HR service providers at your site.

Content of the service

  • DATEV client, payroll journals in DATEV format
  • Management of payroll accounts and preparation of payslips including the calculation of overtime hours, bonuses, royalties, etc. according to your specifications
  • Payroll accounting, calculation of corrections
  • Recording of compensation payments for working on Sundays, public holidays, and night hours.
  • Creation of the transfer files for payment transactions for the monthly payroll
  • Preparation and transmission of social security contributions

Our services

  • Registration of employees for tax and social security
  • Preparation and transmission of income tax statements
  • Creation of garnishments and company loans
  • Various certifications
  • Submissions for maternity, parental and sickness benefits
  • Notification for reports for the employers' liability insurance association




hrXP Residential Park Concept

As part of our concept, hrXP would build residential parks in the immediate vicinity of the customer's location.

Depending on requirements, this would involve approximately 50 to 150 apartments of medium standard. Every apartment is suitable for 2 employees and fully equipped. There is a living room/kitchen area equipped with all utensils, with a separate bedroom, work room and a shower/WC.

Our key advantages

  • Attractive hourly rate within temporary employment due to lack of or just minimal employer subsidy of the accommodation.
  • Cost reduction through lower fluctuation and therefore training cost as a result of the accommodation provided.
  • Boosting corporate image through positive feedback on the Internet and in the local press.
  • Increase in productivity through achieving a high level of employee satisfaction.
  • Operational planning reliability due to increased well-being of employees, lower absenteeism rates, among others due to a lower sickness rate (below 2%).
  • A competitive advantage through a high influx of potential candidates due to an attractive package for EU workers.

for Logistics

We support you in filling your vacancies offering both temporary employment or outsourcing, including the following areas:

  • Warehouse workers and helpers
  • Order picking
  • Incoming goods departament
  • Outgoing goods departament
  • Forklift drivers
  • Packaging

Your staffing needs

Germany, with its advanced infrastructure, is the economic logistics centre in the heart of Europe. Many companies experience challenges with sourcing good candidates from the local labour market. It is an enormous challenge, especially in the personnel-intensive areas, such as the e-commerce sector.

HR XPERIENCE GROUP has taken up this challenge and, as a personnel service provider with many years of profound experience based on effective procurement strategy with Central and Eastern Europe, we provide process-oriented and customized solutions.

Our working method

Our Operations Managers work hand in hand with our customers to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of our workforce in ongoing projects. They use, inter alia, the following control tools:

  • Standardized reporting
  • Regular feedback meetings with our employees
  • Optimization suggestions regarding the existing processes in warehouses
  • Optimization suggestions regarding personnel planning

for Automotive

The automotive industry makes many different demands on its qualified personnel.

HR XPERIENCE Group supports its customers in this area with a wide range of tailor-made solutions offering:

  • Temporary employment
  • Outsourcing
  • Recruitment agency

Workforce for the automotive industry

We have experienced staff from Central and Eastern Europe at our disposal, to support you in your projects, inter alia in the following areas – including bilingual supervisory staff (native language and German):

  • Production workers and helpers,
  • Quality controllers,
  • CNC machine operators,
  • Assembly line workers.

IT solutions for the automotive industry

Through our subsidiary IT XPERIENCE, we also support customers in the automotive segment in the area of IT - from the placement of motivated IT specialists to the realization of complex projects within the scope of nearshoring.





HR XPERIENCE offers a wide range of quality cleaning services for large logistics centers and maintenance cleaning of the office space.

Our cleaning services

In line with demand

We ensure tailored-made solutions for companies that need a reliable partner when it comes to the cleanliness.
At the same time environmental aspects are very important to us.

Process oriented

Cleaning of the warehouse and office areas is organized and process-oriented – it does not disturb your daily business and it is always adapted to your working schedules.

Professional and efficient

In our cleaning system, devices, equipment and cleaning agents are perfectly coordinated. The selected cleaning agents not only have a high degree of efficiency but also help to do the work easier, faster and more comfortably.

Warehouse cleaning

With individually developed solutions, we provide a high-quality cleaning service - according to your wishes. Our friendly and qualified cleaning staff, always perform their duties in a target-oriented and scheduled manner, no matter if in a food or an e-commerce warehouse.

Maintenance cleaning

Regular and careful:

Our cleaning staff ensure cleanliness and a positive impression on your partners, visitors and employees. With our cleaning services, we make a contribution to maintaining the value of your property and inventory. We offer the following cleaning solutions:

  • Floor maintenance and surface treatment
  • Cleaning of heating and lighting units
  • Sanitary cleaning
  • Hygiene cleaning
  • Cleaning in the ward area
  • Cleaning the furnishings
  • Office and kitchen cleaning